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Invoice factoring

Your Estimated B2B & B2G Sales per Month

$ 30,000
$ 2,000,000
$ {{valueb2b | numberWithCommas }}

Your Current Total Accounts Receivable

What your Customers Owe you

$ 30,000
$ 4,000,000
$ {{receivable | numberWithCommas}}

Advance Rate for Factored Invoices

Factoring Fee

0.9 %
2.5 %
{{factor | numberWithCommas}} %

Unpaid Invoices the Last 5 years

$ 20,000
$ 750,000
$ {{unpaid | numberWithCommas}}

How long Customers take to pay you

25 Days
90 Days
{{dso | numberWithCommas}} Days


No Hidden Fees
Apply Online in Minutes
Funding within 24 Hours
$25,000 - $5,000,000
Invoice Credit Line
Rates as low as 0.55%


Factoring is a financial transaction in which a company sells its receivables to a financial company – a factor. The factor collects payment on the receivables from the company’s customers. Businesses choose factoring if they want to receive cash quickly rather than wait for the expiration of credit terms

Advantages of factoring vs bank loans

Invoice factoring

  • Generates cash faster
  • No security required
  • Offers greater flexibility
  • Simpler to apply
  • Improves credit rating for further lending (if required)

Bank loans

  • Might bring up personal credit issues
  • Require access to accounting software and bank account for approval
  • Issued for a predetermined amount
  • Issued for a fixed period
  • Paid on the day specified in the agreement


  • How is Invoice Factoring Different from a Bank Loan?
    Factoring is the purchase of a company’s accounts receivable as opposed to a loan that creates debt on the balance sheet. With invoice factoring, you are simply speeding up your cash flow by utilizing an asset your company already has
  • How Long Does it Take to Receive the First Funding?
    The initial funding takes 3-10 business days after we receive the agreement signed on your part. You can send some invoices to be funded with the signed contract in order to expedite the funding process. It takes less than 24 hours once an account is set-up
  • What Information Will You Need From My Company to Begin the Funding Process?
    A short application, your company’s most recent accounts receivable and accounts payable aging reports, articles of Incorporation or d/b/a filing, a master customer list, and a sample invoice
  • Do I Have to Factor All of My Invoices When I Start Factoring?
    No. You decide which invoices you want to factor and which invoices you want to keep as your own. There is no requirement to factor all of your invoices
  • How Much of My Company's Account Receivables Can Be Funded?
    We can fund up to 100% of your company’s creditworthy account receivables, depending on the industry